The Sugarfest Committee would like to thank all exhibitors, sponsors, farmers and visitors for supporting Sugarfest 2015. We had a phenomenal turnout and the event was a great success.

Coastal Farmers won the “Best Stand on Show” and Ritchie Auto challenged John Deere to a tug of war. Ritche Auto was just not strong enough for the John Deere team and lost the challenge.

Some of the other great activities we had on for the whole family included the first children’s tug of war competition and entertainment from Leon (Bottecelli Events) on Thursday evening.

This year we were also able to do 2 raffles which enabled us to financially give back to some of the charities working in our community. The first was a raffle for a children’s tractor which was donated by Ritch Auto. We raised R2,600 which has been donated to Zululand Home of the Aged.

The second raffle prize of some lovely jackets was donated by Barloworld. We raised R560 from this raffle and have donated these proceeds to the SPCA.

As always the food was delicious! Cherry on Top were brilliant and Niki served prego rolls, hamburgers and fillet rolls right throughout the day. On Thursday evening she served Moroccan lamb casserole which was sold out. 

PJ from “Naked Bones” served up peri peri and herb chickens with chips which was greatly enjoyed by many people.
Danny from Amatikulu Country Club served up wors rolls and a  tasty chicken curry – also extremely popular!

Cape to Rio again sponsored the Bar and put up all their flags in the Marquee, and in true Sugarfest style, lots of cane spirit was consumed and great fun had.

For the first time we had two young entrepreneurs represented at Sugarfest. Katherine Pearce who sold popcorn and Sam Odell sold Rocket. They had to pay 50c to rent their spot! They both were thrilled with their sales as they both sold out!
So thank you again to all who participated and visited.

We look forward to seeing you at Sugarfest 2017!

Kind regards,

The Agrieco March 2015

Gearing up for the Fest! “Good positive results have been achieved by exhibitors who have taken advantage to introduce themselves, products or services to the many farmers & the public attending the show’

Coastal Farmers Magazine July 2015
The prevailing dry conditions have made farmers somewhat depressed – a visit to Sugarfest – where meeting with old friends, should cheer you up and we can look positively towards good spring & summer rains.  See you at Sugarfest

The Agrieco July 2015
Sugarfest has expanded to accommodate over 70 exhibitors.  The show is not only about machines & technology – it is a great coming together of farming friends. Despite the economy and hard times facing the sugar industry, the show is a sure way for exhibitors and attendees alike to let their hair down and party!

Zululand Observer July 2015
Show co ordinator John Nightingale says the showgrounds are a hive of activity as the machinery and equipment starts to arrive.  The grounds have been expanded to accommodate the large hauliers.  But the show is not only about machines & technology.  It is a great coming together of suppliers, farmers, friends and family where they catch up on news, while being able to discuss their farming needs in a relaxed atmosphere.

Zululand Observer July 2015
Sugarfest draws the crowds
The organisers of the weekends 2015 Sugarfest are still consolidating the number of attendees, but the support from the business community was great with a record turnout for the show.

Coastal Famers won Best Stand on Show
Coastal Farmers Stand
The Sugarfest golfcart
John marking the show grounds
Prize donated by Ritchie Auto
The first childrens tug of war
Tug of war
Tug of war
Tug of war
Sugarfest Boys
John Nightingale & Nix Holdsworth
Family fun

Organised by farmers for farmers

We enjoy displaying our products at Sugarfest because it reaches the right people

Sugarfest concentrates on the agricultural sector , exhibiting agricultural products only

Sugarfest is the only genuine sugarcane show in SA

Just seeing friends every two years, is good enough for me!

We have now booked a premium site from the mileage we have received from previous shows

The best thing about the show was “Jubane Batteryman”!
6 year old

The time of the year July, midmonth & 2 days is perfect for us

Besides interest on the day, we have received inquiries and sales, months after the show

 I’ve seen people at the show, I haven’t seen in years

 I loved the childrens tug of war
5 year old

I see what I need at Sugarfest

Sugarfest is a serious show with a festive spirit

 A small show with big results

I enjoyed the aerial displays & delicious food

 I want to sell things at the show next time!
Young entrepreneur